Virtual Doula Service


As a Birth Doula I believe that the most important work I do with my clients is prenatally. The education the couple receive has a huge influence on the way they see birth, not only that but being informed and to know what questions to ask during prenatal visits and birth. By knowing your options it gives the couple confidence to birth their baby in the way they wish, and encourages the dad to participate at his own comfort level.

This package is a convenient service for parents to be who would love a go-to person during pregnancy and immediately postpartum, but who does not desire the in-person labor support or is finding it difficult to search for a in-person doula in the area they live. Many mothers and fathers to be love having the informational and emotional support of a doula, or a person to process decisions with during labor/birth. Since we are using modern technology all the time to communicate it give us the chance to connect and conduct meetings and provide over the phone birth support. 


  Virtual Doula Service:

  • First meeting will be arranged via FaceTime or Skype to ask questions and get to know each other.

  • On call support from 21 weeks up to 2 weeks postpartum (after baby) via txt, phone, Skype or email.

  • Prenatal planning session to go over your birth wish and any concerns you might have regarding your birth, as well as discussing your options. ( you are encouraged to include your partner in this )

  • Discuss any concerns/fears you have

  • Suggest how dads can help the mother during labour and certain pain coping techniques/ where to massage the back and what to say what not to say.

  • Im here to answer questions, offer encouragement, and guidance. For both mother and father to be.

  • Provide evidence based information to you and your partner.

  • 24/7 on call support from 37 weeks to birth from txt, email and Skype. 

  • Phone availably during labour to ask questions and help with birth options, this includes when to go to the hospital or birth centre if your unsure. (video call or phone chat is best to decide this)

  • Give the dads confidence to know he can call someone with knowledge about birth to support her.

  • 1-2 postpartum support for breastfeeding, talk thru the birth story and other related support she may need. 


What Virtual doulas do not do:

  • Judge you for your birth preference

  • We are not medical professionals

  • Meet in-person or are present at the actual birth only via phone

  • Make decisions for you and your partner