"I just want to extend my gratitude to Shanay for helping me thru labour last December. She lead and assure me that in the end I got the birth I wanted (VBAC) - all medication free!!. I was very doubtful at first considering the complication on my first birth but Shanay was there all the way guiding, supporting and assuring me that my body is capable. She is patient, calm, and sincere.

I also got quickly back on my feet after birth with the help of placenta pills in which Shanay made for me, it really worked!. I would recommend it regardless of what scientific tests say, I'm proof that it's a miracle. We are forever grateful, love you Shanay''

Lina, Are, big sister Emma and baby Markus                                                                           


“I had a wonderful birthing experience with Shanay as my doula. As a first time mom and newcomer to Germany I would highly recommend her. I had very specific idea of how I wanted my birth and with Shanay’s support and assistance we were able to realize it!

Shanay was extremely prepared. She managed and supported us through the entire process, so that my husband and I could enjoy every aspect of the birth. Shanay is caring, down to earth and we felt so comfortable around her. She is someone you want to be friends with hence our time together was very enjoyable.

She truly surpassed our expectation and we would recommend her services to anyone!”

Fairouz, Miro and baby Aleya


Shanay guided us through our first birth with our son Phoenix and we had such a positive experience with her being there that it came without any questions that we wanted her to be part of the birth of our second son Hudson too. We had such an amazing calm waterbirth. Having Shanay there, massaging me through the intense contractions, holding my hand and encouraging me to breathe through it, made all the difference. She comes so prepared and has thought of every scenario. Hands down, the best decision we made to have Shanay be part of our birth plan.

Tabea, Simon and baby Hudson


“Shanay was my night nurse one month into baby Audrey’s life. The month Shanay was with us was pure bliss, as I was able to get a full nights sleep and tend to my toddler during the day. I rarely felt tired and had total peace of mind Shanay was taking great care of Audrey while I was getting my rest. She has such a gentle touch with babies and my little one was fast asleep in her arms every night, happily sleeping for longer and longer stretches. I would highly recommend Shanay as a night nurse for moms who want to restore a bit of balance and sleep harmony to their lives after birth. Will be singing Shanay’s praises for a long time and definitely use her when it’s time for our third!”

Alina and baby Audrey


When I found out that I was pregnant with my second child, I knew that I wanted to have a VBAC. I also knew that I needed a strong team behind me during Labour. The first time I met Shanay I could tell immediately that her energy was what I was looking for.

We met a few times before the birth and i was impressed with her calm demeanor. She made me feel that I didn’t have to worry about the delivery. That all will be well and that I should trust myself.

I didn’t know what to expect in the delivery room from Shanay and I am happy I just allowed her to work her magic. I would have never expected in my wildest dreams that this small bodied woman with such delicate hands could massage me throughout the entire Labour! She helped me get through all the veins! I remember after a few hours wondering if her hands were tired. Shanay knew exactly when I needed something to drink or something sweet. She brought soothing music which she played at the perfect volume. She remembered my wish to have the CTG machine volume turned off so it wouldn’t distract me. She created a wonderful atmosphere in the room which I think is essential for giving birth. She was by my side like a friend, like a mother. My husband said he is very grateful that she was there because he could conserve his energy and use it for the point where it mattered the most.

It was a great relief that she constantly provided us with Evidence based research on topics that were of concern for us. For example, ‘The percentage of scars that actually rupture during delivery after a previous Caesarean’ and fetal monitoring’ which was an issue during my first birth.  She also gave us tips on how to speak to the Doctors if they suggested a repeat Caesarean Section. I used these questions she told me to ask when that very conversation arose. In the end, I was given more time and I had a natural birth without epidural.

I am eternally grateful to Shanay for believing in me. Thank you for doing such an amazing job in helping me to have a wonderful birth experience. 

Melecia, Tom and Baby Grace


''I don't think I realised how valuable Shanay's help was until I was in labor. She paid a lot of attention to what I needed and understood what that was even if at the time I was not able to express it with words. Her calm voice and empathy helped me walk the long corridors until the delivery room (labored at home almost until the baby came:). This was an invaluable help. She also made sure our wishes were understood by the hospital doctors and as much as possible followed through. And so our little one was born end of October in a big hospital without any major issues. 

After we were allowed to go home, in the middle of the night we went through quite a big crisis with our little one and so I have contacted Shanay. She came through for us and offered great advise we may not have gotten anywhere else in time (we were very new to Berlin, did not speak German, our midwife was not reachable after 8pm and on top first time parents).

We had a great birth experience and support afterwards. Thank you Shanay!''

Viviana, Stefan and baby Maya


When I met shanay for the first time I knew I wanted her to be my doula, as a single mother in a new city everything was a challenge for me during my pregnancy and knowing shanay was there to contact anytime brought some sort of peace to me. As much as I wished to have a natrual birth it wasn't possible due to some complications but shanay recommended a great hospital & was by my side during labor massaging me and calming me down. Overall I had a beautiful birth looking back at it and I'm grateful for Shanay's presence. If I ever need someone to watch over my lil angel daughter it will be shanay !

Atash and baby Jaia


''Shanay came a few hours after Tom was born and I didn't know what to expect since we only emailed a short while before, and after 32 hours of labor I wasn't really in the mood for strangers. And then she walked in, bringing with her a ton of good vibes, and most importantly- empathy. The truth is, I was really sorry I didn't hire her as a doula. The morning after she already had the capsules ready for me. And boy were they necessary! I felt so energized after taking them.. they gave me what I needed in order to deal with everything that was going on.

I highly recommend the placenta encapsulation to every mom to be I meet, and if I had to do it all over again I would definitely hire Shanay as my doula''

Na'ama and baby Tom


“As soon as I met Shanay I knew I wanted her on my team! I especially liked how knowledgeable she was with regards to the importance of baby‘s positioning in the pelvis, and how to influence it. Shanay assured me every step of the way towards my VBAC, helped me believe in myself and trust my body. When doubt crept in she was there immediately with an evidence-based article to keep fear out. 

When labour began I felt a bit scared and shaky. It was such a relief to be able to contact Shanay, and know that she would be with me immediately when I needed her. She was like my guardian angel as I laboured in my bedroom, watching over me, comforting me, reassuring me, knowing exactly the right time to go to the hospital. Above all, she made me feel safe. 

I am so grateful to you, Shanay, for helping me find my full power and strength, and for
giving me the confidence to release it at the right time, allowing me to birth my beautiful baby just as I had dreamed” 

Pauline, Andrew and baby Seamus


"For me, as for young first-time expat mom, Shanay's support was invaluable. Her presence during my birth made me feel safe and comfortable so I was able to fully relax my body and mind go through the labor naturally without outer hospital distractions. This feeling of safety and gentle care provided by Shanay turned my birth experience into a beautiful journey and my baby came to the world in a pleasant untroubled atmosphere. And I am very grateful for this all natural and calm way my baby was born. Priceless..."

I do always think about my birth experience with great warmth in my heart!!  Thanks to you!

Tasya, Jamie and baby Max


''Having Shanay as our Doula to support our home birth was an excellent decision! She arrived at our home in the morning and immediately calmed any doubts we had about labor and the upcoming birth. Shanay seemed to be at the right place just when I needed her, with water (and a straw!), massages, suggestions and encouraging words. She really helped my partner find his place in the birthing process and worked seamlessly with the midwives. Her calm, positive and constant presence was essential in taking us through the long adventure of birthing, with all its twists and turns, and I so appreciate her keeping curious family members well informed throughout the day. I recommend Shanay as a birth companion wholeheartedly''

Kartini, Simon and baby Ria


''When I first heard about the option of a doula I thought to myself: 'I don't need that, I can do it on my own, so many have done that before, can't be that hard!'.

My husband was the one who pushed the idea and I figured maybe wise to have someone who can answer all of his questions and calm him down whilst I try to breathe and focus on giving birth. 

Ha, what was I thinking?! Shanay came, saw and conquered! She touched the right spots, massaged for hours and just always new how to make me feel better. Shanay and my husband teamed up and took turns in holding me, stroking me and giving the best support I could ask for. I really don't know how I would have done it without her! She will definitely be the one person I call when the next baby is on it's way.

Thank you so so so much Shanay!''

Sarah, Phillip and baby Paul


Part 1- ''As a 37 year old first time and single mom in a foreign land, I foolishly thought that birthing, though difficult and painful, would be more than manageable between just me and some midwives. (Spoiler alert!: I was wrong.) Then my mom called. She too wanted to be a part of her first grandchild's birth. I graciously allowed it, all the while knowing that being in my mother's presence for more than 1 hour is enough to remind me why I put an ocean between us. A few months into my pregnancy, Shanay appeared out of thin magical air. My generous and thoughtful friends had called upon Shanay's services, knowing I had no real birth partner. If you haven't met Shanay you might be in for a surprise. She is a decade younger than you. (Well, me anyway.) And chipper and friendly as all heck. Oh no ! I thought, (calling upon thousands of Hollywood scenes of giving birth.), she's tiny ! I will break her, or hurt her, or ruin her modelling career ! I'll run her off ! Or my mom will !
Part 2- (The part where I was wrong ):
From the second I contacted her about the contractions starting, Shanay took the reigns as though she had done it her whole entire life. Her strength, her calmness, and her confidence not only got me through a 24 hour drug-free labour, but it also kept my worried and frantic mom in check with occasional pep talks or stern talkings-to...whichever the occasion called for. I can honestly say THERE IS NO WAY I would have had the beautiful birth I had, if she had not been there to talk me through it and keep me calm. From massages that helped so much with the pain, to trying different positions or breathing techniques, to using up her own data on her cell so I could listen to some Nina Simone, she was more than a force to be reckoned with. I've never felt so lucky to have someone by my side. Thank you, thank you, thank you Shanay, for helping me bring my little boy into this world. You are very much a wonder and so much appreciated by me, my son, and everyone else that was there to see you work your magic. Also, I don't think any woman has laughed as hard immediately after giving birth as I did. I'll never forget that remark, and i'll make sure baby Umrao doesn't either...ha 

Upneet Neetu and baby Umrao Cairo Cobra


''With Shanay, we have undergone an empowering, larger-than-life experience. I will always feel her present when remembering this spacial day! After an unpleasant first birth experience in a new city, a foreign language and a different mentality, I promised myself that for the next birth I would come with the maximum support possible.

I wished myself a natural birth and hoped that this time I would have a sense of control, security and protection, things that were taken from me at the first birth. My partner and I wanted to find the appropriate person to accompany us.

Already in our first meeting with Shanay, we felt a strong connection and good energy. We found in Shanay the qualities that were important for us; calmness, knowledge, warmth and professionally.

As time passed by we realized that we are in good hands and no matter to which direction the birth would develop, with Shanay we are safe! This strong confident feeling helped each time a fear popped up into our thoughts.

When the time came, we have contact Shanay. She guided us how to act through the early contractions and we have decided together when it's a good time to go to the hospital. As we met in the hospital we were already working as a team, she explained us everything and made us feel confident and strong. Shanay made the hospital room feel like in an intimate birth house; bath, candles, music...

And the staff, due to the atmosphere created by Shanay behaved accordantly..they spoke quietly, they gave us space and they respected our wills and decisions. After 5 hours our son came out..naturally .. Shanay was there in every breath, encouraging us with confidence and grace''. 

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts

Omer, Tal, Yuval and Zohar


''I was lucky enough to have a water birth in hospital and Shanay was a large part of the reason that everything went so well. This was my first child and it was vital that I was able to relax and jump into the unknown. From the moment I met Shanay early in my pregnancy, I felt that she was someone I could trust. She helped me to visualise positive birth experiences and was always there throughout the pregnancy when I had questions or concerns, no matter what the hour. Most importantly, she was able to advise my husband on how to be the very best birthing partner he could be. Her advice was always spot-on. When people ask why I needed a doula, I tell them that Shanay gave me confidence to let my body do what it needed to. She was like a birth coach: there 100% for me. While a midwife and doctor focusses on the baby, she was there to encourage, support and massage me for hours during contractions! Shanay is a wonderful person and highly empathetic and professional doula. She will make all the difference to help you achieve the birth you want!''

Aela, Lukas and baby Ava


''Shanay was an Angel through all of it. I met her when I wasn't even 3 months pregnant and felt an instant connection as I am as well a young mother and felt inspired of her positive vibes towards birth. It was also thanks to her that I decided to have a home birth. When the day came, me living in hamburg and she in Berlin, I called at five saying I think these contraction are for real, she arrived at my house at 10 with a beautiful power, spirit, energy giving me strength to fight through it. She was very calming, super prepared to give me the best labor possible. At home everything was beautiful. Unfortunately we had to end the birth at the hospital, but she came along and was an absolute sweetheart. We wanted to leave the hospital hours later and she went home to my place cleaning everything up making it perfect for our arrival. I am so utterly thankful for everything she did for us, visiting me a week later as well to see the me and my baby, handing me a super important book which I absolutely adored to understand the process of birth.''

Stella, Cecil and baby Anton


Shanay was an incredible source of empowering knowledge and support throughout my pregnancy and I don't know what we would have done without her during labour! Lido and I were so grateful to have Shanay holding our hands and having my back all the way!''

Julia, Lido and baby Junes


''Shanay was so supportive and helpful though out my whole labour and birth. I don't know what we would have done without her. Everything she did for us was amazing! Having her present, not just for me but for Dylan too was a true blessing. Shanay was the extra strength in the room we didn't know we needed, someone who was always there for us''. 

Jamie, Dylan and baby Ryder  


''Shanay was THE BEST decision Simon and I made for our birthing plan. She was such a rock throughout the whole experience and came so prepared that we felt in such safe hands. Because of Shanay being there and helping me and my husband with her knowledge and support throughout every stage of labour, we experienced the birth of our son Phoenix in the most natural and beautiful way possible''. 

Tabea, Simone and baby Pheonix


"Despite our preference for a natural birth, a lot of medical intervention became inevitable throughout the course of a long and difficult day. Many difficult decisions had to be taken, the biggest being to do a C section. It was a very challenging day for me and my family, my husband in the delivery room and my parents and in laws waiting outside. Shanay was so helpful to all of us. She was a constant source of much needed calm and composure, she had a Mary Poppins bag with lots of little aids, always willing to try a new thing to help me through the pain. She was lovely to my family, she kept them informed and helped them stay calm as well. Most importantly, she was key in helping us take the tough decisions we faced during the day, it would've been even harder without her. It was a relief having her with us. We are forever grateful"

Graciela, Moritz and baby Santiago


''Already 10 days since my little chicken has arrived in this world ! I still can't believe how powerful women are, we all can do it, and without fear.. I am so thankful for the amazing Doula. She really helped me go through all the "WAVES", my husband who always make me feel safe and of course I cannot forget my incredible midwife who still comes everyday to check up on Wiloh and me. She is helping me figure this mom thing ! I am so lucky to have them and wish everybody to find people like them for their birth !

 Iona, Kevin and baby Wiloh


"Shanay was a real find. I gravitated towards her positive vibe and empowering words about birth and instantly felt connected. She was calm, reassuring, knowledgeable beyond her years and very personable. After helping us prepare for the birth (and being on call at all times), I felt I was in safe hands and felt more confident as she guided us along with positive images of birth. She was with us, supportive, calming and a tower of strength through a long, difficult labour. To do that takes patience and stamina. We are grateful beyond words for how she helped us. Thank you Shanay, you're amazing and we couldn't have done it without you."

 Elmi, Peter and Zadie                                                                                                        


''Shortly after birth, when your memory is clear and you are honest, I said to my husband 'I would not have lasted pain medication free without Shanay.' Shanay and my husband were the best support in those 16+ hours. At one point I didn't let her go to the restroom, because I wanted her there to breathe with me through every single contraction. I fell in love with Shanay during labour, because I just focused on her face so much and she was so nurturing and encouraging in a laid back way. I hope she'll be there for any future births I may have. '' 

Laurel, Raff and baby Riley


"Shanay is the best support we could have ever dreamt of during the birth of our son. Her presence brought a calming and positive energy to both my partner and me, I felt that I had the best possible team around me. She was extremely thoughtful and sensitive and could feel what I needed without me expressing it, using many different tricks to make me feel more comfortable. I recommend her warmly." 

 Sarah, Felix and baby Elias


"This was my second delivery and I felt that I needed more feminine power and intuition. Finding Shanay was amazing, we made a really good team with my husband and her. Shanay was so proactive, full of beautiful details, she read my mind when I was speechless. Our delivery was a trip of 14 hours and she was so committed and respectful in all the process. It was magic. I am so grateful to life."

Monica, Jorge and baby Julia


''I met Shanay when I was about 6 months pregnant, not knowing what a doula really is, but knowing that I would like to have one when giving birth. Shanay’s radiant and calm personality, made me instantly feel that she was the right pick.

On the day of birth, she was available to guide us over the phone through the contractions, and helped us prolong our departure to the hospital as much as possible. As soon as we arrived at the hospital she was totally hands on, she really shines on the job. 

Shanay spent a few hours massaging my aching back, lighting candles and making the hospital delivery room feel like a clam and safe place, making me feel more comfortable and relaxed, and making my husband feel more at ease.

When the time came, we had some complications, and the doctor advised a C-section, Shanay was there to help us consider our options. Our son, Caspar, was born in a vacuum extraction, with me almost totally sedated. It wasn’t my dream scenario, but I am happy we were able to avoid a C-section. 

Shanay stayed with us for a few more hours after birth, making sure I am doing ok and getting enough rest. She also made pills out of my placenta, which were definitely a much needed source of energy in the first few months after giving birth. 

I am so greatful for having Shanay with us on that special day''.

Rotem, Florian and Caspar von Oppenheim


''Thanks a million! I can't thank you enough for venturing out in that freak hurricane to pick up my placenta,  and for dropping off my magic pills back at the hospital. The pills are the best! I haven't dared to skip a day without them yet (as it's already been an emotional rollercoaster as is) 

Lil Romy Lou is doing really well,  she's a feeding machine.  Taken really well to breast feeding,  and almost weighs 5kg! (again most probably due to my amazing milk supply from your magic pills)

Keep up your amazing work. Thank you, thank you, thank you''

Jan, Lara and baby Romy

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