Placenta Encapsulation


The 'fourth trimester' can sometimes leave a woman feeling quite emotional, weepy, overwhelmed, fatigued and maybe even anxious. Placenta capsules or consuming your placenta isn't a new thing its far from a new concept. This can be a natural way to ease this hormonal let-down and support the transition into the postpartum for new mothers. The placenta has been used traditionally for thousands of years for its abundance of positive postnatal effects. A woman can lose up to 18% of her iron stores after giving birth.  

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The placenta helps by:

  • Preventing or decreasing developing the 'baby blues' and postnatal depression.

  • Replenishing the essential hormones like oxytocin and CRH (stress reducer).

  • Replenishing essential nutrients like iron, vitamin B6, amino acids and essential fats.

  • Minimising postnatal bleeding and helping the uterus return to its normal size it was before.

  • Increasing and enriching breast milk supply.

  • Minimises stress levels; leaving mothers feeling calmer and happy for her new baby.

  • Feel more energised and less tired also.

  • Decreasing iron deficiency in mothers after giving birth.

  • It allows the mothers  body and spirit to return to vibrant health after giving birth.


How is the placenta encapsulated? 

The process takes about 24 hours and ideally begins within the first 12 – 48 hours after the birth. The first stage is the preparing and dehydrating, and the second stage is the encapsulating.

The TCM Method sees the placenta gently steamed, slowly dehydrated, ground to a powder and then placed into capsules. I offer the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) way or raw option, after the birth we will decide together what is best for you. The Raw Preparation Method is identical to that of TCM, except there is no steaming of the placenta. Once the placenta has been encapsulated using vegetarian (non-gelatine) capsules, it stored in an amber glass jar.